"The universe is made of stories, not atoms"

An exceptional art it is to express the unseen and untold! And when complemented with the art of inspiring young minds, it is a blessing. Our speakers are the blessed ones with the voice that inspires!

We all are excited about the Writing Workshops, Panel Discussions and Story-telling sessions with our eminent guests.

Vinay Pathak (Chief Guest)

Bollywood Film, Television
& Theatre Actor, Presenter, Film Producer & Writer.

Vinay Pathak, has stolen the hearts of his viewers through his consistent outstanding performances in movies like Bheja Fry, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and Khosla ka Ghosla. This versatile Bollywood actor who studied at the State University of New York has a career spanning to over 2 decades. His journey includes some 50 Hindi films, mostly comedy and character-focused.

International Storytellers

Arnold Henry

Non fiction Author and Basketball player

Arnold Henry, is a children’s book author and an amazing former NCAA Division - I basketball player, famous for Daddy’s Mini-Mi which cherishes the beautiful moments between a dad and his son, during the developmental stage of the child. He has also penned a book named ‘Hanging on to my Dreams.’

Daniel Britton

British author and entrepreneur

Daniel Britton, earlier a banker, later a teacher, combined his experience to create his series of books named ‘The Financial Fairy Tales’. It is highly engaging for children’s imaginations and also helps them learn whilst being entertained. There are currently 4 stories in the series plus an Activity Book and Teacher’s Guide which are being enjoyed by schools in over 20 countries worldwide.

K. A. Wiggins

Expertise in writing children’s fantasy

K. A. Wiggins is famous for writing fantasy for children, and can take you into a magical world and inspires with her unique writing style. Best of hr works include ‘The Barnes & Noble Press’, ‘Blind the Eyes’ and ‘Letter from the End of the World’. Born in Vancouver, BC, she currently freelances as a business writer, editor, and marketing consultant in the Pacific Northwest.

Jan Graveson

Actress & Singer

Jan Graveson, is an acclaimed actress and singer who has left no stone unturned by performing arts/theatre, music, film and television. She has received a Tony Award nomination for "Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical”, and at the age of 12, she claimed British as well as English Tap Dancing championships. She has also been a part of Broadway Musicals and recently acclaimed film of Bollywood ‘Gully Boy’.

Mark McLeod

President of the Children's Book Council, Author, Lecturer, Publisher and Freelance Editor

Mark McLeod, former president of the NSW branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia and national president in 2005-06, he is recognized for his distinguished services in the field of children's literature. Renowned for his thought-provoking speeches, he is the author of Tomorrow, God Is and The ABC Book of Christmas.

National Storytellers

Susruta & Saswata Mukherjee

Illustrators and Artists

Susruta and Saswata Mukherjee are brothers from Kolkata, India who have worked together, and created mind blowing illustrations, one among them being ‘The Auto Rik Show’. They have made cover illustrations for Scholastic India and opening credit illustrations for ‘One’, a major feature film. They also participated in the Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature.

Neha Singh

Theatre practitioner, Author & Activist

Neha Singh is a treat to watch and a complete package. She directs, produces, writes and acts in plays for both children and adults. Her bestselling children books are ‘Bela Misses her Train’, ‘The Wednesday Bazar’, ‘Moongphali, and ‘I need to pee’. Every reader can relate to her writings, given her belief that there is a story hidden in everyone.

Swara Patel

Dance Head At ORCHIDS

Swara Patel, Head of Dance at the ORCHIDS chain of schools, believes in bringing Kinesthetic learning to all age groups from pre- nursery to Grade X. She completed her Certificate in Dance Therapy from the International Dance Council (UNESCO) and is always in the thirst of finding new ways to spread dance. Her enthusiasm to make things happen defines her inspiring story.

Mili Sethia

Designer, Artist and Culture Researcher

Mili Sethia is a creative genius who lives for art, and a globetrotter who follows her passion for trans-cultural design. From pursuing handmade typography to 2D animation, her obsession with art will never end. She has studied interdisciplinary design, sculpture and fine arts. She has worked as a graphic designer, and continues to spread her art through publication design.

Rupa Gulab

Author, Columnist and Freelance Writer

A Mumbai based freelancer, she is a wizard of words and has garnered accolades for her best sellers like 'Girl Gone' & 'Chip of the Old Blockhead.’ Her love for writing started with penning down stories like 'Hamlet the cutlet' & 'Nostracious Nominovich - The Commie Spy' for her little sisters when she was just a teenager.

Samina Mishra

Children writer, Documentary Filmmaker and Teacher

A writer based in New Delhi, she established a name in the field of filmmaking with her film series, ‘Stories of Girlhood.’ She aims at instilling an image of the world as a beautiful place to learn and grow in the young minds. She is the author of ‘Hina in the Old City’, and ‘Home and Away’ a multimedia exhibition on British Asian children in London.

Oindrila Purohit


A mother, an entrepreneur, a storyteller and a professor, Oindrilla Purohit is known for portraying the everyday emotions and experiences of life in the most interactive and engaging way. Her ‘StorySoiree’ successfully inspires young minds to write stories and be creative. She also happens to be the founder of ‘Grooming Babies’, and continues to encourage innovative learning methods wherever she goes.

Mohinder Pratap Singh

Children’s Filmmaker, Indian Director and writer

Mohinder Pratap Singh, with a wide experience of working with kids, is famous for his movies like ‘Happi’, and ‘Chehere: A Modern Day Classic’. His own aspiration to be famous at school is highlighted in Kabir, a main lead in his successful children’s film ‘Ek tha Bhujang’. Apart from filmmaking, he is also a copywriter, a poet and a storyteller.

Soumitra Ranade

Writer, Director, Producer, Founder, Chairman and Creative Director of Paperboat Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Soumitra Ranade is famous for his unique style of imagination. He picks up an old tale and tweaks it into a new one, such as Jajantaram Mamantaram, which establishes equilibrium between Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Bakasur from Mahabharata. His list of remakes is never ending with ‘Kabuliwala’ & ‘Albert Pinto ko Ghussa Kyu Ata Hai’ being at the top positions.

Sarthak Parashar

Children’s books author

Sarthak Parashkar, is a young fictional writer, born in Rajasthan. A bachelor in Computer science, he found his way to literature given his talent for fictional story writing. His book ‘Children of Mama Asili’, reflects his talent for strong characterisation. He was shortlisted in 2018 at the Jaipur Literature Fest and his book was launched at Jaipur Book Mark 2019.

Veera Das

Children Plays Director, Communications Specialist, Copywriter, Creative Consultant and Teacher

Veera Das is a prominent personality in the field of literature with notable work which ranges from writing poetries and articles, to directing plays for children. She believes that she found her love for English language during her early school days. She has been training children in Spoken English, Drama, Poetry, Elocution, and Debates at some of the leading schools.

Shilpa Sachdeva

Primary Teacher, Life Skills Content Developer and Trainer

Shilpa Sachdeva, is a former primary teacher at DAV Public School who provides training to teachers on building confidence and develops curriculum on life skills for children of Grade VI to Grade VII. Her passion for literature is reflected in her continuous efforts of transforming her students into confident young leaders who can express their own story without any hesitation.

Rajasee Ray

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Rajasee Ray is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Kolkata. She loves fantasies, and holds 1/3rd of ‘Ladyfingers Co.’ – a communication design studio that brings a fun and sensitive approach to all their work.
The Apple Thieves (written and illustrated in 2012) was her graduating project which follows the story of the ‘apple’, a symbol that reappears across human history and mythology.

Amala Rai

Theatre Head At ORCHIDS

Amala Rai is a graduate of National School of Drama, 1984, New Delhi. She brings with her, 40 years of experience in theatre education. For 12 years she has taught the International Baccalaureate Diploma Theatre Programme and is pursuing her second masters in International Education from the University of Bath, United Kingdom. She has done theatre with slum children, jail inmates, and destitute women as well.

Sushant Sharma

Writer and Actor

Sushant Sharma is a Mystery & Fiction writer with his first book ‘Pawns of Pink city’. With Bachelors in Electronics and Communication in Kota, Rajasthan, he found his passion for writing on a snowy night in Kashmir. He has traveled all over India living on scraps, and now owns a theatre group ‘Swatantra’. He headed the Post Production of the upcoming movie ‘Racket’.

Zainab Sulaiman

Author and Host of Television shows

Zainab Sulaiman is an eminent personality who has authored books like Beetween Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny, Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam, Freedom is an Inside Job, and If You Knew Me You Would Care. She has also been a part of Tv shows like #Me Too, Now What, and The Zainab Salbi Project.

Simryn Thind

Organizer of the Mental Health Workshop

Simryn Thind, a girl living in Los Angeles, moved to India with a dream of propagating the idea of mental health literacy. Growing up in an Indo-Canadian family, she understood the consequences of communication gap between parents and children. In order to bridge the gap, and to break the stigma of mental illness, she organizes workshops, educating people from her own experiences.